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Dress Code


New students/new enrollees will have 5 days to comply with the dress code.

Tate County School District Dress Code for Grades K-12 (TCSD Policy JCDB)


Articles of Clothing:

No article of clothing may depict anything profane, suggestive, derogatory, violent, or illegal to students (e.g. alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gambling).


      •    T-Shirts must be intact

•    Collared shirts may have only one top button undone.

•    All shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies may neither expose the midriff, any part of the bust, or an excessive part of the back, nor be excessively tight or distracting in class.

•    No tank-tops or low cut shirts with camisoles. Showing cleavage is not allowed.

•    Gentlemen must wear their shirts tucked in.


•    Only jeans, khakis, or dress pants are allowed

•    Shorts are allowed for ALL students but must be knee length (at or below the tip of the finger for K-3 students)

•    Skorts are allowed but must be knee length

       •    No athletic shorts allowed.

•    No holey or frayed pants and no skin or undergarments/leggings showing.

•    Pants must be worn fitted to the natural waist.

•    If pants have loops, a belt must be worn.

       •    Wallet chains are not allowed.

•    Neither baggy or loose-fitting pants nor excessively tight- fittings pants shall be worn.



•    Neither shower-shoes, sliders, nor house-shoes may be worn. Footwear must worn at all times.

•    Heels may be no taller than two inches. No steel toe boots.

•    Footwear with laces must be laced.


Dress or Skirts:

•    Knee-length dresses and skirts are allowed; however, no slit shall rise above the kneecaps.

•    Leggings may be worn beneath skirts, dresses, or tunics; however, skirts, dresses, or tunics must still be knee-length (at or below the tip of the finger for K-3 students).


Physical Features:

•    Tattoos or other visible body markings which contain inappropriate, vulgar, or gang related design must be covered at all times.

       •    Only earrings which are non-gauge size are acceptable.

•    Neither male nor female students will be permitted to wear rings and/or studs in their noses, tongues, or other exposed body parts other than the ear. Rings on the fingers are acceptable.

•    Notched eyebrows and gang related designs in the hair are not allowed.


Miscellaneous Articles:

•    No hats, caps, toboggans, head scarves, bandanas, sweat bands, wristbands, hairnets, hoodies on the head, or shower caps are allowed to be worn visible in the building.

•    If a student wears a court ordered monitor, it must be covered at all times.

       •    No blankets are allowed on campus.


Enforcement Policy:

1st offense: Parent to bring clothes or if parent is unavailable the student will be sent to ISS.

2nd Offense:  ISS

3rd Offense: OSS